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Water does wonders

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Water does wonders

fresh and healthy with Kneipp

We are certified by German healt insurences. You are welcome.


Successful for more than 100 years = “Kneipp’s healthy living”. More prevalent than ever. Kneipp health guidelines. Kneipp Therapy is an accredited natural therapy with enormous therapeutic success.

The allround treatment was developed by Sebastian Kneipp (1821 – 1897). It is designes for both prevention and healing process, for physical and mental issues.

Kneipp Therapy is based on five principles:
More then 130 different applications to strengthen your body's natural resistance and keep you fit. Water treading is also a proven method of healing. In Germany, this method was named after Kneipp himself and is still renowned as the "Kneipp treatment" today.

Medicinal herbs in the form of fragrant infusions, bath additives or ointments acting gently and without side effects.


A light, well-balanced whole-food diet leads to equilibrium and vitality. Kneipp put a great emphasis on a healthy, balanced and modest diet. He advocated natural products and, in effect, invented the idea of muesli from crushed grains. In our modern world, it is well worth now and then recalling one of Kneipp's principles: "If you feel as if you've eaten, you've already over-eaten."


Active training gets your heart and circulation back into the right rhythm, your figure in a trim shape and your mind clear of worries, best in nature and clean air.


A harmony of mind and soul is the prerequisite for physical health and greater happiness. One shouldn't forget that Kneipp was a priest, and for him spiritual well-being was always especially important.


 Kneipp’s healthy living Kneipp’s healthy living Kneipp’s healthy living


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